If you’ve ever been to an animal rescue shelter, you know how sad it is and how you wish you could take every little furry creature home with you.

Of course, that’s not possible, but you can do your part by adopting one (or maybe) two animals and giving them the best life possible!

Luckily, a whole lot of people out there feel this way. There’s almost nothing as satisfying as seeing pets in their new homes, and here are a bunch of good boys and girls that are gonna be spoiled rotten by their new owners!

1. A new forever home.

Went to look at a kitten. She is missing a foot, like me! My wife and I didn’t even need to have a discussion. She’s at her forever home.
byu/timmy5toes inaww

2. New addition.

Shelters are lowering or waiving their adoption fees around me so the time was right to pick up this shy girl. Meet Adeline!
by inaww

3. Make yourself at home.

This is Milo. Milo has been in the house less than twelve hours. As you can see, he’s very distressed and insecure 🙂
byu/Werrf incats

4. Never seen that before.

This is Wilbur aka “Willie”. We just adopted him a week ago. He’s completely white other than his tail, which is completely black.
by inaww

5. Intruders…beware.

Meet Goliath, the new guard dog.
byu/Absent_Daddy inaww

6. A handsome gent.

My brother was having a rough time on his own. So he found a new roommate! Meet casanova. Hes a good boi
byu/DammitMatt incats

7. Your new buddy.

I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! After much anticipation and some logistical difficulties, I am proud to present NuNu! She is a senior lady who needed a home and she picked ME 😁 I am so happy to have a companion again. She is just PUUURFECT! More photos to follow…
byu/RebeccaNH incats

8. What a cutie!

Meet Bug, found wandering the streets while all the local shelters are closed due to COVID19
byu/BenSavageGarden inaww

9. Looks very inquisitive.

My sister’s fourth rescue, Fiona, aka Kiki.
by incats

10. One big, happy family.

We adopted them, they adopted each other
byu/jaded_hope inaww

11. Just a tiny little guy.

My friend has adopted a kitty, his name is Alvin and he is the cutest ♥️♥️
byu/Hamlet-dillama-man inaww

12. How could you resist?

Elton went to his forever home today!
byu/tatilikescats inaww

Those are great photos with great stories behind them!

Do you have a rescue pet?

In the comments, share a picture of your friends and tell us a little bit about them!