If there’s one thing that cats love to do, it’s to bend and twist themselves into pretzels and to SMUSH themselves onto glass.

It could be a smush onto a glass table, a window, you just never know.

But the result is always wonderful, isn’t it? You bet it is!

Let’s take a look.

1. A very hard night, by the looks of it.

Kitty had a HARD night.
byu/sgt_lemming inaww

2. Slowwwwwwly dozing off.

[deleted by user]
by incatsonglass

3. That’s a huge SMOSH.


4. Don’t look up.

My mother just sent me this picture.. she just woke up and had this fella sleeping over her bed..
byu/Netblast inaww

5. Hi, George!

Hope this is okay to post here… George peering down on us from his spot on the roof.
by incatsonglass

6. Are you comfortable?


7. A room with a view.


8. All in a row.

Looking up at a full set of jellybeans.
byu/DCLanger incatsonglass

9. Looks like a giant.

Squishy boi
byu/narwhal-lord14 incats

10. An optical illusion.


11. Make yourself at home.

We’re watching after Annie while her people are out of town. She usually keeps to herself but I just caught her sitting on the dining table!
byu/zonesonjupiter incats

12. Laughing from her perch.


13. A perfect angle.


14. Joke’s on you!


15. That is just wonderful.

Glass bowl of cat!
byu/Luca_Lastname incatsonglass

Oh, those darn kitties get me every time!

Do your cats do this around your house?

If so, share some photos of these smushes in the comments! Please and thank you!