Remember that hilarious viral video that came out a while ago, the one where Robert Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was adorably interrupted by his kids while he was on a live webcam interview with the BBC?

Here it is again just to refresh your memory:

Yep, as Kelly tried to have a serious discussion about South Korean politics, his daughter saunters into the room, quickly followed by her infant sibling. The kids stay in frame for a little bit until finally Mom comes around and scoops them up.

That hilarious moment went viral pretty quickly because, obviously, right?

Fun as that was, it did leave us wondering a pretty important question: What if that had been a woman doing the interview instead?

Jono and Ben, YouTube show from New Zealand, must’ve had the same thoughts, because they made their own spoof of the original with a working mom instead. The straight-faced mom keeps her composure through multiple interruptions – including feeding a toddler, roasting a chicken, and even defusing a bomb!

The real kicker? When her husband comes in looking for a lost sock. Typical.

It really throws into perspective just how much more is expected of women. When working men take care of their kids, they’re lauded as heroes of humanity. But women are simply expected to do all of that and then some.

This spoof has gone just as viral as the original, with millions of views and counting. A lot of other working moms also chimed in with their own experiences too, such as this one:

As a politician with 3 young kids, this really is my life. Except I was breastfeeding my baby during meetings. And I never iron/steam anything.

Watch the whole video below:

The struggle truly is real.