Cosplay is definitely not everybody’s jam, is it?

Some people absolutely love getting all dressed up as their favorite characters, going the whole nine yards, etc.

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So is this guy a jerk for being embarrassed about his girlfriend’s cosplay?

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AITA for being embarrassed of my girlfriend’s cosplay?

“My (25M) GF (24) had a double mastectomy 5 years ago; she had breast cancer, and thankfully made a full recovery. Unlike a lot of women, she didn’t have any reconstructive surgery. This was before I met her.

I’m a big anime nerd, and last weekend I invited her to a small anime con with me. She’s seen a few episodes of my favorite shows, but she’s not into anime; she does like cosplay, though, and she works seasonally as an SFX artist at a haunted house near us.

So when I asked her to go to the con with me, she asked if she could cosplay, and I said sure. She got very excited and said I was going to love her costume, so I’ll admit I thought she was going to do something s**y for me.

Well, not exactly. The day of the convention comes, and she showed up at my house cosplaying Dabi from MHA- specifically a look he has later in the manga. It’s a long white coat over white pants, no shirt. Her entire chest was exposed and she’d obviously spent hours applying burn makeup; she has short hair that she dyes constantly, this time she bleached it white and dyed a few red streaks.

I wasn’t expecting her to show up without a shirt. Her burn scar makeup only covered half her chest, so you could clearly see her mastectomy scar. It wasn’t a verry attractive costume, especially since she’d gone all out with the scars and made them look raised and kind of realistic.

We went to the con, and while a lot of people came up to take photos with her, I noticed several others looking at her chest. That evening, she said I’d been quiet all day, and I honestly told her I was a little embarrassed that she was flaunting her mastectomy scar like that.

She got mad and said she was making the best of her situation and said I was being insensitive, and she’s been distant ever since. I’m starting to feel guilty. AITA?”

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