When I think of teenagers, I tend to think of busy students who are, understandably, focused on their own lives. Sometimes, though, I’m wrong – just blown away by their thoughtfulness.

Cillian Jackson is a two-year-old boy in Minnesota who has a genetic condition, according to CNN. His condition makes it difficult for him to control his body, which means he has trouble getting around. And unfortunately, a power wheelchair was too expensive for the family to afford, according to KARE 11. Insurance wouldn’t cover it due to Cillian’s age.

So Cillian’s dad turned to his former high school’s robotics team for help – and the enterprising students rose to the challenge!

Using plans from a program that adapts toy cars, called Go Baby Go, they modified a toddler-size toy car, improving the controls and the seat so they fit Cillian perfectly. The students didn’t hesitate to help Cillian and used the opportunity to conquer a robotics challenge and to support a member of their community.

Cillian fell in love with his car (duh, it’s perfect for a little boy), and it has boosted his confidence and sparked his curiosity about the world around him. Cillian visited the school with his new wheels, showing off his driving skills for the teens that built the car.

The enthusiasm of the robotics students and their willingness to help is a reminder for us all to look out for those around us. There’s always a way we can help!