I always like to read church signs even if it’s not in front of my own. I like to see who’s coming to speak or what programming is scheduled. The verses make me mindful.

And, when they get topical, they are sometimes really funny.

1. What Would Jesus Do?

A Bible story turned into medical directive.


2. The Prophecy is Fulfilled.

I would do as Isaiah says.

3. Pray, Listen and Wash Your Hands.

God and the scientists say so. That’s everybody that matters, right?

4. God is Everywhere

Make your home your church. It should be anyway.


5. Hygenesis 24:7

Thus, sayeth the Lord.


6. A Children’s Parable

Good for adults to remember too.


7. So, Not Everything’s Cancelled

Count your blessings.


8. Keep Your Distance

Your praise will still be heard.


9. When Gospel Songs Get New Meaning

Sing it out loud.

10. Stand Apart, But Pray Together

Yea, verily.

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. He’s Not Going to Be Happy

Beware of His wrath, toilet paper hoarders!

12. This Too Shall Pass

Even if you’re alone, you’re in great company.

13. We Know Not the Day Nor the Hour

But we do know this…

14. Good Words

Follow them. Or don’t. Up to you.

Church serves as a faith home for many of us and it’s nice when they acknowledge our thirst and fears in a way we can see it safely–from our cars. But one day soon, we’ll come together in our sanctuaries again as a family, loving our neighbors but listening to our doctors and scientists.

That’s how to be a loving neighbor.