If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building or hung your clothes out to dry, you’ve probably lost a favorite shirt or a sock or two.

You shouldn’t always blame your neighbors for the missing garment—their animals, on the other hand, are a different story.

Meet Admiral Galacticat, a Metairie, Lousiana feline who steals clothes from the neighborhood and brings them back to his owner, Heather Bardi. She’s been finding clothes on her porch for weeks but had no idea where they were coming from until she set up a security camera.

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She posted a letter on Facebook Marketplace to out the precious perpetrator:

Hi, Unlucky Neighbors!

My cat [Admiral Galacticat] is stealing your laundry…All was fine and dandy until two weeks ago when suspicious items started appearing on my front porch. First was a tank top and two Nike socks. The next morning, a dishrag, a ripped pair of boxers and more Nike socks.. in the past two days, 1 1/2 a girls bikini, size medium, a few more dishrags, and a beach towel.

I am grateful it’s not a dead sparrow or mouse, but I am sure someone is at home scratching their head as to where their clothes keep disappearing. Trust me, it is not the dryer monster, but Admiral. If you would like to retrieve your items, I have been collecting them, and I will wash them again [be]cause cat spit, but you are more than welcome to come by and grab the bag and shame my asshole cat if he is around.

Just message me. Also, sorry my cat is a kleptomaniac.

Commenters noticed Admiral was fashion-conscious enough to pick up matching pieces.

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No one had any hard feelings—how could they? Look at that face!

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People thought that the whole thing was hilarious…

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Because who can be mad at a cat who just got bored?

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Even if he is a klepto…

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And, apparently, this isn’t the only pet that adopted a life of crime…

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What do you think about this thieving pet? Do you have a furry friend who gets up to strange shenanigans?

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