Hey, you…yeah, you!

Are you getting a little sick and tired of the day-to-day reality of online schooling that you’ve been dealing with for the last NINE MONTHS?

I bet you didn’t think it was gonna be going on this long, did you? Yeah, neither did we…

But, here we are and we have to deal with it, right?

And what better way to combat the stress and frustration than by laughing at the whole situation! Hey, that’s what we do and that’s what we do best.

So let’s take a little break from schoolwork and enjoy these funny memes about online classes. Enjoy!

1. That’s the biggest bag of food I’ve ever seen.

And I think I like it!


2. Ummm, can you wait a minute?

I’m not quite ready yet.


3. Yeah, how’s that supposed to work?

It’s the only reason to go to class.


4. We’re gonna need to see that cat.

Come on, teacher!


5. Just keep on checking that thing.

Over and over all day long.

6. That didn’t last long.

But you gave it your best shot!


7. I’ll be there very shortly!

Give me another three minutes, please.


8. They will be traumatized.

How do I log in?!?!


9. We are living in strange times.

I would NOT want to be a student right now.


10. What’s that noise?

Oh right, I have a final exam tomorrow.


11. Are you sure you’re paying attention?

Put down your phone for a minute and see what’s going on.


I bet all of you can’t wait to get folks back in actual classrooms.

But in the meantime, tell us how everything has been going in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!