Twitter is good for many, many things.

And one of them is for frustrated/annoyed parents to sound off and give us the straight dope about parenting.

It isn’t all fun and games, friends.

Here are some funny parenting tweets to tide you over until the next round…

1. Keep it down!

The class will hear!

2. Do it today.

And do it EVERY single day after that.

3. No one’s turning it off now.

Just keep streaming! Don’t question me!

4. Oh shit!

Take her away from the mom!

5. A fun new game!

Everybody drink!

6. Whatever…doesn’t matter anymore.

I mean… it’s really ALL the days.


7. Not on the same page.

It’s just kind of how things go sometimes.

8. Way too soon.

How much did you save over the course of the year?

9. Time to start drinking.

I mean… does it really matter?

10. The whining table.

Everybody should get one!

11. Our house is now a buffet!

Everybody, to the gym!

12. Not this year…

Oh 2020… we’ll never forget you.

13. It’s already been that long?

And now… as I write this… it’s even LONGER. Jeezus.

Moms and dads: we’re here for you if you want to vent to us. Because you have been through some s**t this year! You actually had to spend ALL the time with your kids, like people did for most of human history.

Still think we’ve got it bad?

Hey, you know where you can bitch the loudest, right? In the comments below!

Tell us a funny or crazy or annoying or maddening story about your little angels.