Kids are many things…and that includes being crazy, unpredictable, loose cannons who can drive moms and dads up the wall. But we love them anyway!

Because they are the lights of our lives…or something like that…

Let’s dive into these hilarious tweets!

1. It’s who he is…

2. Doesn’t seem fair.

3. That is very true.

4. This isn’t going well.

5. You’re catching on.

6. Them’s the rules.

7. Not mine!

8. Anything but that!

9. Getting out of control.


11. Home defense system.

12. Read between the lines.

13. It’s more fun!

Parents, do those situations look familiar, or what? I have a feeling that the answer is YES.

So what about you and your kiddos? Have they been acting crazy lately because they’re all cooped up?

Talk to us in the comments!