Who out there is ready to get their laugh on today?

Alright, I see some of you out there raising your hands…

I had a feeling that you’d be on board with this idea!

We’ve been watching you and we know deep down in our souls that you need some serious laughter in your life right now.

And let’s face it…we all do.

So hang on tight and have some laughs at these funny tweets!

1. We ALL belong in the kitchen.

You know that’s the truth!

2. Why do you keep telling people that?

You know it’s never gonna happen!

3. You’ll get there one day!

This is what we all hope for…

4. Are they from Olive Garden?

I hope so…for your sake…


5. Do you have one of these yet?

They’re tasty! And convenient!

6. This is what I call “thinking ahead.”

We can all learn something from this person.


7. You can be yourself there.

Order whatever you want and as much as you want! You’re family here!

8. You’re really questioning everything right now, huh?

Hey, we feel you!

9. Does this describe your life?

At least a little bit? Don’t lie to us!

10. I was gonna say the same thing.

I can just tell…

11. They just go on and on and on…

They never seem to end!

12. Did I miss anything?

I was really, really busy at home.

Now we want to hear from you!

Have you seen any funny tweets lately?

How about memes, jokes, or funny photos?

If so, share some good stuff with us in the comments. Thanks!