I sure could go for a feast…a feast for the eyes, I mean!

And what better way to do that than with a great set of hilarious tweets?!?!

They’ll tickle your funny bone, challenge your mind, and make you squeal with delight. What else can you ask for, am I right?

And when’s the last time you really treated yourself to a nice comedy break without interruptions? Go ahead and think about it, I can wait…it’s been a while, right?

So what do you say we get ‘er done? Let’s laugh together!

1. I’m in the same boat.

It’s gotta be one or the other.

2. That is kind of terrifying.

But…it’s been a terrifying year.

3. Hahahahaha. Wow.

I love this.

4. People on Nextdoor are a little paranoid.

Calm down, everyone!

5. This is not a great look.

And my back hurts…


6. That. Right there.

That’s all you need to know.

7. What a year…

I’m totally over it!


8. Are you dumb?

I think you did the right thing.


9. Oh, Sarah…

You’re really not that crazy…

10. Some of these names are not going to age well.

Don’t you agree?


11. Sir, how did you survive out there?

He’s been through a lot.

12. I’m all in on this idea.

What’s not to like?!?!

13. That would confuse a lot of people.

And I’d love to see it!

Have you seen anything really funny on social media lately? We’re talking about stuff that really made you laugh?

Jokes? Tweets? Memes? Photos?

If so, share them with us in the photos!

Please and thank you!