The holidays this year sure are gonna look different, huh?

We have to keep a safe distance from our family and friends and we can’t have 25 members of our extended families over to eat, drink, and be merry…for that kind of stuff, we’ll have to wait until 2021.

But one thing will remain the same, ladies and gentlemen…I’m talking about DECORATIONS.

And you know that you’re gonna see the good, the bad, and the ridiculous out there this holiday season. And I’m all about it!

So while you wear a mask and hunker down to protect yourself and your fellow Americans, enjoy these funny photos of holiday decorations gone wrong.

1. I’d like to know who is responsible for this.

So I can speak to their manager and have them fired.

This horrible, deformed Hobby Lobby Christmas ornament.
byu/ForlornBread inCrappyDesign

2. All the Santas just decided to end it this year.

Can we really blame them?

Depressed Christmas
byu/TonyAndTea inCrappyDesign

3. Underwear lights for the win!

Do you think this is what they envisioned when they put them up?

I’m already in the Christmas spirit!
byu/yoloaasd inCrappyDesign

4. Fail. A major, big-league fail.

Looks like an adult movie…

Christmas Tree Fail
byu/GamingKarma inCrappyDesign

5. It’s an optical illusion.

And a pretty disturbing one.

Baby Jesus/Severed Thumb Christmas ornament
byu/Blenderhead36 inCrappyDesign

6. It’s a Christmas miracle!

If you want to look at it that way…

Mall Christmas Tree
byu/maxt0r inCrappyDesign

7. Yikes. The kids will be scared this year.

Look away from the tree, children!

This nightmare of a Christmas ornament
byu/payinthefidlr inCrappyDesign

8. Are you trying to tell us something?

I know it’s been a long year, but…

My town’s christmas lights look like hangman’s knots
byu/villadiego09 inCrappyDesign

9. This is just plain weird.

And it might even give me nightmares.

Nothing says Christmas like a buff, blue tailed, Catholic Merman with a swaddled new born baby, who for some reason is wearing a belt with fleshy belt loops.
byu/CapnRedbeard647 inCrappyDesign

10. Another X-Rated light show.

Avert your eyes, everyone.

These Christmas lights
byu/tuks6 inCrappyDesign

11. Santa looks miserable.

Also, the placement of the slide is a really nice touch.

Santa Slide… Ho ho ho! [x-post]
byu/howardkinsd inCrappyDesign

12. A really bad design fail.

No other way to put it.

Found at a holiday bazaar
byu/Mannydoodle inCrappyDesign

Okay, you know the drill…

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, please share some photos of Christmas decorations that have blown your mind this year. Thanks in advance!