I think it’s pretty well-established that dogs are the absolute best thing in the world. We don’t deserve their loyalty and patience, their love and humor, but they give us their all every single day.

For some dogs, giving their all means a life of service – which they’re also thrilled to do – and this sweet Great Dane is making a real difference every single day.

His name is George, and he came to his new owner, Bella, from the Service Dog Project. The non-profit specifically matches Great Danes with the people who they can help the most.

“DP’s main mission is to breed, raise, train, and donate certified service dogs to people who experience difficulty with their balance or mobility. These partnerships often help to enhance the recipients quality of life as they attain greater independence.”

Great Danes, of course, are big enough to handle being a shoulder to lean on. That makes them a great fit for people like Bella, who was born with a genetic condition that affects bone development.

Among other things, Morquio Syndrome makes walking a challenge – but it’s so much less so now that she has George.

“George, a Great Dane, has a special bond with Bella, a young child with a genetic disease that affects her spine and bones. It’s a bond based on mutual trust and care.”

He’s helped her not only be able to walk independently, but also to ride a bike and to swim – two things she was told she would never be able to do.

Oh, and listen – once you’re done tearing up over their sweet friendship, make sure you check out the puppy cam that Service Dog Project has on premises.

I can’t honestly imagine a better use of your time.