You may not ever get the chance to live in one of Chip and Joanna Gaines’ “Fixer Uppers.” But you can follow in the design-savvy couple’s footsteps when you’re decorating your own home.

According to Joanna, she sticks to a few rules when she’s picking paint colors for her own home in Waco, Texas.

First: She keeps it simple by using neutrals to tie everything together.


Joanna told Real Simple,

“In general, I think neutrals can really help keep a look consistent throughout the primary living areas of a house.

However, she has some more advice…

“…but it’s always fun to go a bit bolder in more specific rooms like the dining room, the study or mudroom.”

By “go a bit bolder,” she means use a more unique color or even go for a fun patterned wallpaper.

There are a few colors Joanna is more hesitant about, but really, anything goes.

“For my own home, I typically lean toward neutral colors and a clean palette. I might shy away from reds and purples, but there is a time and place for any color.”


Another tip? One place where Joanna does like to get experimental is the front door for a splash of unexpected color!

“Lately, I’ve been loving darker green on front doors, but also pretty shades of light blue. I think that’s a spot where people can have fun and really make it their own.”

If you’re tempted to follow Joanna’s advice, she happens to sell an entire paint collection as part of her Magnolia Home brand.

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