Few things are more sentimental than an old family recipe. Generations of love can go into those simple handwritten recipes, making them highly coveted treasures in many families. But when the same piece of paper has been passed down enough times, it can go through a little wear-and-tear.

Several Etsy shops have come up with new ways to preserve your handwritten family recipes in a more permanent way, Simplemost reports.

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These homemade keepsakes come at all price points, from $18 for the tea towels to $66 for the decorative plates.

No matter which option you choose, there’s no doubt that these are more long-lasting than a regular handwritten recipe. No more squinting over a super-faded piece of scrap paper, or panicking if the page gets wet! Whenever you need to make the recipe, or just want to look at it for the memories, you can pull out your special keepsake.

This also means that family members don’t have to argue over who gets to keep the recipe anymore.

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Any of these custom family recipe items would make for great gifts for family members.

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