Zack Williams is one of the many husbands today who works hard to provide for his family. Williams recently wrote a viral social media post where he recognized that his wife works even harder.

It all started one day when Williams came home after a hard 12-hour day. He noticed that his baby’s bassinet was in the shower so his wife Heather could keep an eye on her.

Williams then went on social media to discuss how he felt about his wife and her contributions:

“This morning I came home from the gym, turned the shower on, to get cleaned up for work.

I turned to the door, and saw where my wife wiped away the steam from the glass, so that she could see our baby girl in the bassinet…”

But Zack didn’t stop there. He recognized that his wife works 24/7 to keep their family going…

“It’s so crazy to me, how the smallest things can make me so appreciative of my wife.

It’s the little sacrifices my wife makes for this family, that would normally go unnoticed.

From caring for our daughter 24/7, to caring for me, cooking , cleaning , taking care of the animals, and taking care of herself (yeah right, there’s no time for that) …

It just makes me stop and think…. I work hard … I work long 10-12 hours days … I get tired … I have stressful days … that’s my right, as the working member in the house hold right … to be catered to hand and foot when I get off ?!?”

You can check out the post in its entirety below.

Kudos to Zack for recognizing his wife’s hard work! It’s take a great guy to be so publicly appreciative of his partner, and Zack really seems like he’s a keeper

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