Finances can be one of the biggest stressors in a relationship. If you’re not on the same page, it can lead arguments and, worse, not being able to pay your bills.

Some couples are totally on the same page when it comes to this money thing, though, giving them the freedom to make sometimes surprising decisions.

These screenshots of a text message exchange have been going viral, for all the best reasons.

I think this introduction might scare me a little:

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Oh boy, indeed. Nice moves on the compliments, though. He explains:

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The kids working, paying many of the household bills, and making it to school? Impressive. James knew he needed to do something to help.

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It’s a kind move. Sure, it shortens their vacation, but it helps out someone who is working hard to better himself and take care of his family. So, how does his wife react?

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I’m crying! This is truly the holiday spirit. Here’s hoping we all find a way to be kind to those around us.