I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you?

Everything seemed to be going just fine and then BAM, the world got turned upside down.

And now you’re tasked with having your kids at home 24 hours a day AND you’re responsible for giving them an education.

Wow…that sure is a tall order.

If you’re currently in this situation, first of all, our condolences and secondly, these memes will make you laugh and give you some temporary relief.

Good luck out there…

1. Getting pretty fed up…with yourself…

Teaching yourself a hard lesson.

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2. Don’t look at me.

Wait a second, you want ME to be in charge of your education?

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3. Get used to it for a while.

This is the barking segment of the day.

4. Remember #1-18?

Those were tough days…you might as well just lie to them.

5. Close…nice try…

You obviously have booze on the mind.

6. Haven’t heard much from them lately.

Now everybody is doing it!


7. Keep it down, Dad!

We all know who’s in charge here.

8. This sounds familiar…

Show them what it was like back in your day.

9. This is getting UGLY.

Are you having a hard time keeping a lid on things at home?

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10. Getting an early start.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right? Like, maybe in Russia?

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11. This will only take about 12 hours.

This is when we want to Niagara Falls in 1987, kids…

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12. Sounded good at first…

…And then reality set in…

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Wasn’t that a nice little break from the action?

Now we want you to tell us how you’re doing in the comments!

Have your kids done anything funny, outrageous, or maddening since you started homeschooling them?

Tell us all about it, please!