Parenting can sometimes be a challenge and many moms tend to take care of themselves last. Which often means feeling alone, especially on days when everything seems to go wrong. We all have those days too, when the kids are unhappy, dinner is late, laundry won’t fold itself and not one thing on the to-do list got checked off.

But, the worst part is the feeling you’re having those bad days all alone.

Northern Colorado Mom said it perfectly with a recent Facebook post:

And, because she was able to write what we were all thinking, her post went viral, racking up 19,000 comments and 117,000 shares.

She writes:

I am currently walking through the hardest season of my life, and as Mama’s we feel like we’ve always gotta put on our big girl pants and just muscle through. Never let ‘em see you sweat, right? Oh girl…if there’s one thing this season has taught me, it’s that that sort of lie is terribly dangerous to believe.

The lie is dangerous because it stops us from reaching out to friends. Instead, we leave ourselves last and open ourselves to exhaustion, depression and unhealthy habits.

I needed my people today. I thought I just needed to call them up and cry about what was happening, and then while on the phone, my sweet friend asked me such an important question. She asked me to just say what I needed and wanted most.

I told her that I didn’t want to be alone.

Her response :: “I’m on my way.”

Her friend immediately drove over, picking up another friend on the way, and bringing lunch with them.

They dried her tears, listened to her complaints, made her laugh and then helped her clean her house.

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Most importantly, they made sure she knew she wasn’t alone.

What stops us from asking for the company of friends when we need it? Maybe it’s because we feel we’ll be judged or that no one could possibly know what we are going through. We think our friends only want us when the house is spotless and a perfect tea is set out.

It’s time to stop believing the dangerous lie.

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Appreciate your friends and know you always have someone that will drop what they are doing to help if you’d only ask.

And, on the days when you’re feeling strong, you can help support another parent having one of those days.

Because you remember exactly how it feels.