If anyone ever asked me to carry a package on a flight, even if it was only domestic, and I wasn’t allowed to look at it…well, I definitely wouldn’t do it.

It’s just way too sketchy! Even if you think the person is your friend…

So should this person feel guilty for refusing to transport a package on an international flight without opening it first?

Let’s see what happened…

AITA for refusing to take my friend’s package with me internationally without opening and checking it first?

“I will soon be flying to the other side of the world, and my friend asked me to take a package with me and deliver it to her friend who lives in the country I am flying to.

Now, I trust my friend with my life, but I told her that since it’s an international flight and taking unneeded risks are unwise, I would appreciate it if I can open the package, with her present, and look through it just to make sure there’s nothing “undesirable” in it.

My friend immediately gets offended, and she even starts yelling at me, telling me how she can’t believe that I don’t trust her, and that I am invading her privacy. She told me I’m being selfish and paranoid, and that she won’t let me see inside the package because it has “sensitive content”.

That ended up freaking me out more so I told her that I can’t do it if I can’t make sure it’s safe, and that I’m sorry.She started to cry and left the room. She later left me a text saying I’m selfish and that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. While I feel bad, I have heard all kinds of stories and I don’t want to put into a position where I am responsible for whatever “sensitive content” in her package.

Reddit, AITA?”

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This person made it clear: DON’T DO IT!

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Another reader said that the person who wrote the post could get into HUGE trouble for this…

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This individual said the person does not owe their friend this and they should not do it under any circumstances.

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Lastly, a reader said something that I was going to say: go watch Midnight Express if you want to see how terrifying getting caught with illegal substances in another country can be.

No thanks!

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