I know a few couples who worked together at the same place BEFORE the pandemic hit and that made me question their mental state…

But now that so many people are stuck working from home, I’m questioning their sanity for different reasons.

Because you know these people are really dealing with a lot…and there’s no escape!

Take a look at these tweets about working from home with your special loved one and see if any of them ring true for you.

1. You’re learning a lot about each other.

And not all of it is good…

2. Sorry about that…won’t happen again.

But I bet the cat deserved it.

3. The cat is making the rounds.

Hey, it livens things up a little bit!

4. That’s some funny stuff!

Well, maybe it really isn’t…

5. This is gonna be a bestseller.

And it might get turned into a movie!

6. Keep it down in there!

It’s enough to drive a person nuts.

7. They really need to get with the program.

I mean, what’s more important, their jobs or your singing?

8. This is going really well.

You got a good set-up!

9. This is serious business here!

You don’t want to screw this one up.

10. Can you please keep it down?

You’re driving me insane! I’m calling my lawyer!

11. That’s one way to look at it.

Parenting is definitely not easy. No doubt about that.

12. I’d make her do the same!

You can’t be working for free, right?

How’s your job treating you these days?

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