It’s short, it’s simple, and it’s to the point…

And it’s what I’d say to my 14-year-old self if I had the chance!

What would you say in that situation?

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1. Yes.

“Hug your mom back.

For real.”

2. Absolutely

“Take your health seriously.

I’m 26 with a long list of health complications that stem from type 1 diabetes I was diagnosed with at age 3.

I wish that I had taken better care of myself from the beginning.”

3. Good one.

“Don’t smoke, you dumba**.

Don’t ever start.”

4. Lovin’ it.

“Go learn to weld.

As soon as I realized I love welding my life just seemed to take off and I have loved it ever since.”

5. Not your problem.

“It’s them, not you.

Spent 30 years in a toxic family thinking I was the crazy one who needed to change.”

6. Always.

“Stand up for yourself.

Always great advice.”

7. Only one shot.


You only have one life to live.”

8. Sad.

“Call CPS on Dad.

I wish I would have said that.”

9. Better late than never.

“”Stop being a d**k.”

Reason: I was a d**k as a kid.

Didn’t realize how much of a d**k I was until later.”

10. You stink.

““Please take a shower.”

I had really bad hygiene issues.”

11. Mocked.

“Me: Please listen to me.

14 year old me: Please listen to meeeeee!”

12. Now you know.

“They’re called panic attacks.

I was told that exact same thing by my therapist just recently, used to think the feeling was just a normal adrenaline rush that people get.”

13. Too bad.

“You are not fat.

Me believing I was fat led me to gain so much weight. I wish I could weigh 160 again.

I was barely chubby.”

14. Not worth it.

“Give up on her.

But it did build character.”

15. You got this.

“You’re smart. Aim higher.

Wish I’d heard this earlier.”

16. Time to leave.

“Leave home at 18.

Should have done it.”

17. Would have helped.

“”You’re autistic. Get diagnosed.”

I would have had such a more manageable time if the people in charge of my mental health in school would have given me a proper diagnosis instead of just thinking I was an unstable pain in the a**.”

18. Bad news.

“Don’t date Firstname Lastname.

Because my life would have been completely different and infinitely better had I never met them.”

19. Stay away.

“Booze isn’t the answer.

Booze will chew up all the money from your wallet.”

20. You’ll get through it.

“”Take a deep breath.”

Because life is gonna get HARDER…”

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