When you’re married, there are certain unspoken rules that you adhere to.

These things somehow just magically appear once you tie the knot and then BAM!, you’re living that married life.

If you’re already hitched, you know what I’m talking about, right? Small, seemingly insignificant things that just…happen.

Some things about marriage are just universal and that’s that.

Enjoy these funny marriage posts…we have a feeling that a lot of them will look very familiar to you.

1. It works every time.

Just like a charm!

2. The mood is now dead.

Are you satisfied?

3. The unbreakable bond.

This really is the only thing you need in your marriage.


4. Now THAT is true love.

Those are always the best pictures too, you know?

5. Honey…what’s happening?

Haven’t you seen the movie Signs?????? This is not going well, I can tell you that much…

6. Well, it sounds really delicious.

Also, do you think you might need to go to rehab?


7. Not really paying attention.

But just fake it for his sake.

8. That’s a power move.

Never let up! Not even a little bit!

9. Can’t you die a little quieter?

I mean, is that too much to ask?

10. You bet it is!

Gonna be a HOT night.

11. We’re done. For real this time.

He crossed the line. Now get on the horn with your attorney.

Let’s keeps the laughs coming!

In the comments, tell us something hilarious that your spouse has done during these crazy times when we’re all locked inside with each other.

Please and thank you in advance!