I’ve seen some crazy food mutations in the past, but they were NOTHING compared to what you’re about to take a look at.

Honestly, some of these things look like they were grown on an alien planet and our overlords are eating HUGE meals to prepare to dominate all of us poor humans.

Does it sound like I might be a little bit paranoid? Perhaps…

But maybe you’ll agree with me after you take a look at these one-of-a-kind foods that really blew people away.

FYI, my favorite food mutation is when I get a crazy GIGANTIC sunflower seed. It doesn’t happen very often!

1. Those are GIGANTIC!

Get a load of them!

These huge blueberries I found.
byu/ImObviouslyOblivious inmildlyinteresting

2. Happy gardening!

I’ve never seen anything like that before. Have you?

Harvested my Zuccini thought I would share with you lovely folks 🙂 Happy Gardening 🙂
byu/Ukherewegrow ingardening

2. What are the chances?!?!

That’s just crazy!

I found a single piece of bicycle shaped pasta in my penne
byu/petit_juju inmildlyinteresting

3. What are you gonna do with that???

You can even take a bite out of it..if you want…

This absolute unit of a lemon my girlfriend grew(Regular sized lemon for reference)
byu/kosdra7 inAbsoluteUnits

4. Looks like a weapon.

Be careful with that thing.

Absolute unit of a grape branch
byu/Danilcoolrl inAbsoluteUnits

5. Go easy on the chocolate.

Probably weren’t expecting that…

This absolutely massive piece of chocolate I poured out of this Special K box
byu/ExtracurricularHerb inmildlyinteresting


This is actually kind of scary.

Mushroom my dad found in the forest. Egg for scale
byu/Kagia001 inAbsoluteUnits

7. Haulin’ that baby around town.

Okay, now you’re just showing off.

A giant cabbage
byu/krakenthelittle inmildlyinteresting

8. I know what’s for dinner tonight!

And tomorrow, too.

My dad just discovered this enormous sweet potato that had been growing on the side of our house!
byu/HooniganMike inmildlyinteresting

9. Good eatin’, right there!

I’m assuming you enjoy lobster…

This ridiculous, nearly five pound lobster claw.
byu/NeedCoffee214 inmildlyinteresting

10. Baked Cheeto Chonker.

Be careful with this, friend…

Baked Cheeto Chonker
by inAbsoluteUnits

You have to admit that those photos are pretty wild.

Have you ever had an experience with food like this where you were totally blown away? Tell us about it in the comments and share some photos if you have them!

Please and thank you!