A lot of people look down on homeless people for not supporting themselves with jobs, but the truth is that it’s nearly impossible to find a job as a homeless person – poverty a vicious cycle. That’s what makes this homeless California man’s story so unique.

David Casarez was a homeless web developer in Mountain View, California. The native Texan lived in his car for over a year after moving to Silicon Valley to pursue his dream of starting his own tech company.

“No one was hiring,” he explained to New York Post. Eventually, David’s van was repossessed, and he began sleeping at the park on a bench.

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One morning, he put on a nice shirt and tie and carried a cardboard sign to a highway median. He brought a stack of professional resumes.

The sign said:


Somebody took a photo of the sign, and it went viral on Twitter. Less than a day later, David had been flooded with over 200 job offers – including from Google and Pandora.

Photo Credit: Twitter

David has been amazed by all of the attention – a clever sign and a lucky tweet are changing his life.

“A product manager from Bitcoin.com was wondering if I could work remotely or if I want to relocate to Tokyo,” he told New York Post.

And we’re happy to report that David did indeed take a job! A few weeks after the tweet went viral, he was hired to work for a drone company called White Fox Defense.