I really want to have the brainpower to be an inventor…but I think it’s probably too late for this guy.

And that’s why I’m so impressed by the genius solutions that these folks came up with for different problems.

And I think you’re gonna be mightily impressed, too…I just have a good feeling about it.

So take a look and then tell us what you think in the comments.

Let’s get started!

1. Boy, would this come in handy a lot…

No more throwing the directions across the room in a fit of rage!

This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type.
byu/Doctor_Nutsack inmildlyinteresting

2. Let’s take it all in.

Much better than staring at the back of another person’s head.

Train seats in Japan facing outwards so you can see the scenery
byu/Nazulle inmildlyinteresting

3. For those pesky hills that really take it out of you.

This is so cool!

A bicycle escalator in Norway
byu/St0pX inpics

4. Get fit while you charge your phone!

I’m on board with this.

These public swing powered chargers for your phone in a train station
byu/Suckerburg1 inmildlyinteresting

5. This would come in handy, don’t you think?

You better believe it!

This TV remote has a keyboard on it’s back
byu/hachi-seb inmildlyinteresting

6. Let’s see how we’re  doing here…

Okay, now we’re cooking!

My toaster has a window to analyze its progress
byu/pork_bellio inmildlyinteresting

7. Go ahead and try it out.

It’s gonna look great on you!

Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you.
byu/Pastel_Bishop inmildlyinteresting

8. This is pretty brilliant.

A round of applause for this one!

New credit card 3 digit (CVV) changes every 4 hours
byu/jjvj inmildlyinteresting

9. Need to clean your glasses?

Look no further!

This shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on the inside for your glasses.
byu/Marvin_k2000 inmildlyinteresting

10. Please don’t bother me today.

Actually, on second thought, I do need some help.

These two different sets of shopping baskets at a department store in Bangkok – for those that need help or want to be left alone.
byu/saksith inmildlyinteresting

11. I’d love to see these in stores over here.

I can’t even imagine how dirty those things get…

Shopping cart cleaning machine in Germany.
byu/pogogq inmildlyinteresting

12. Cover ’em up.

How many times have you wanted a clean seat?

This rooftop for bicycles so the saddle won’t get wet.
byu/Vinceconvince inmildlyinteresting

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, tell us about some genius solutions that you’ve seen.

We can’t wait!