Love is love is love is love. That’s what Lin Manuel-Miranda says, anyway.

These days, you’d be hard pressed to find people who don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t a few stubborn negative Nancys who have their own idea of who is “allowed” to love whom.

For this interracial couple, negativity isn’t a bringer of doom and gloom. On the contrary, it only makes their love for each other that much stronger.


According to this happy couple, falling for each other was almost like destiny. Both faced the challenge of adapting to different and increasingly diverse environments from a very early age. This woman recalls:

“My husband and I were just freshmen in college when we met. We had several classes together, which is how we got to know one another. We started out as friends and then we started to crush on one another as time went by.

We both knew we liked one another, but of course, we played it off until we couldn’t anymore.”


Still, their relationship did not come without its challenges.

Love has the ability to sustain a relationship, but it doesn’t keep other nosy people from judging you when you’re out and about with your soulmate.


On the naysayers to their marriage, this woman goes on to say:

“As an interracial couple, we sometimes get glares from both the white and black communities.

Glares that are meant to be judgmental since we are ‘married outside of our race.’

The glares and hateful stares have never bothered my husband and I, but we definitely notice it.

We have been together for so long and have come so far in our relationship that we just laugh, and talk about how ridiculous people are… to still judge an interracial couple.”


That’s right. Even in the year 2021, there are some people who have an issue with interracial relationships.

For this perfect pair, the judgers are little more than minor inconveniences.


Pay them no mind, and keep loving on.

Have you ever had to deal with annoying, nosy people judging your relationship? Share your story with us in the comments!