I honestly don’t understand how anyone can watch golf for fun…

But to each their own!

What sport do you think is the most boring to watch?

Here’s what folks said on AskReddit.

1. Oh, no.

“The first year when kids pitch in baseball.

An entire game of strikeouts and walks.

100%. Kid pitch is the worst t**ture.”

2. What?!?!

“Microsoft Excel World Championship

Not a joke, this s**t is real.”

3. Dull.


I have been rowing competitively for years and I understand the nuances, yet it’s still the dullest thing in the world.”

4. What’s going on?

“Pro fencing is actually not very entertaining. They’re so fast that you have no idea what happened.

So it’s a couple of people with swords bouncing back and forth for about 30 seconds, SOMETHING happens, and then it’s over.”

5. Riding the waves.


Hours of contestants just bobbing around the ocean and commentators trying their best to fill the gaps in action.

I still watch almost every major contest, though.”

6. That poor editor.

“I love Brian Regan’s bit about how boring watching fishing is.

In the credits it shows that there’s an editor.

Just imagine having to sit through ALL of the filmed footage to put together what will be aired.”

7. Snooze fest.

“A boxing or MMA fight with two defensive fighters.

Nothing more boring than watching two people just circle one another and actively avoid doing the one thing that everyone is paying to see them do.”

8. Where’s the action?

“As a cyclist, cycling.

It’s really cool to learn the technical parts and strategy of the sport, but I get bored watching people pedal for hours only for the real action to start a few miles away from the finish line.”

9. No way I’m watching that.

“As a huge Formula One fan, depending on where the race is, it’s even more boring than Nascar.”

10. Can’t stand it.


I love it and love going in the weekends to play a round but for the life of me can’t stand watching it.”

11. NFL.

“You guys don’t want to hear it but an average NFL team’s entire regular season contains only 204 minutes of actual play. The other 2,856 mins is commercials, timeouts, halftime shows, and other stoppage.

Meaning, if an American Football game costs on average $457 per ticket, and the average game is 3 hours but contains only 12 minutes of the game being played, then it costs $2,285 dollars per hour to watch grown men willingly give each others TBIs from over a hundred feet away while drinking a $20 Bud Light.

Sign me up to do anything else…”

12. Are they okay?

“Water polo.

You can’t see what’s going on, just a lot of splashing and pretending to be dragged underwater.”

What do you think is the most boring sport to watch?

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