Well, this sounds complicated…

And I can relate and sympathize with this woman because I used to have roommates and I remember it SUCKED some of the time.

So is she acting like a jerk for refusing to move out of her apartment?

Let’s get all the details below!

AITA for refusing to move out?

“I 24F have lived in the same apartment for 4 years in this time I’ve had 2 roommates one the first two years I lived here and the second for the rest of the time. My current roommate 32F (V) has been great until now.

She’s in a long term relationship and over Christmas she got proposed to. Now they want to live together but they both approached me and asked me to let her fiancé take over my lease and for me to find a new place as soon as possible. I have a few problems with this I feel like they should find a new place together because I’ve lived here longer.

I also told V a few months ago that I spoke to the landlord about once our lease together is up that I’ll be living alone since I can now afford it. At that time she agreed and said that her and her boyfriend would look for a place together. I told her this but she said that when they started looking for a new place that everything else was too expensive and it made for sense for me to move out and not her.

I refused and told her that she can always ask the landlord if there will be units available for them in our building. She started cussing me out and has had her fiancé and their friends harassing me about it.

There’s 4 months left on the lease so I’m just going to ignore them but when I spoke to my mom about it she thinks I should let them have the apartment since they need to start saving for their wedding.”

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One person said she’s NTA at all.

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Another reader said she should sue them for harassment.

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And this individual said she shouldn’t move out and if she has to she should get the police involved.

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