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And this woman wants to know if she’s out of line for what she said about her graduation party.

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AITA for wanting my graduation dinner to be about me and not about my “impressive” sister?

“I am going to graduate high school, we are celebrating early since my my family is down for my sisters college graduation.

I have always felt my sister is better than me at basically everything. I got by with B she was a straight A student and so on. No one every says it but I know they prefer her to me.

My aunt is not an easy person to impress at all, she was a lot of firsts in the family. We were at dinner and my aunt started to ask about my sisters job she got out of college. The whole rest of dinner was talking about my sister, what she is gonna do and so on. It might as well been a celebration for her.

My uncle asked me about if I am going to college and I snapped at him saying why it doesn’t matter, this dinner is about my sister not me. The table got quiet and my mother told me to apologize. I refused.

We got home and I got in an argument with my family who think I was being a jerk.”

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This reader said she acted like an a**hole and that she’s just insecure.

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And this individual agreed and said she shouldn’t have snapped at her uncle.

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But another Reddit user said she’s NTA and that she has a right to be selfish.

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