If you happen to be in the Fechenheim district of Frankfurt, Germany, keep your eyes peeled for a white horse. Her name is Jenny, she’s very independent and well-loved by the local community. In fact, Jenny takes a morning walk through town by herself every day and has done so for the past 14 years.

To the locals, it’s nothing new because Jenny is a fixture in town and has been for so long. Jenny is 22 years old, and every morning her owner opens her stable doors and lets Jenny head into town on her daily walk. Her owner used to walk with her, but he’s now 79  years old and can no longer make the journey.

Jenny also wears a note that tells people she’s not a runaway horse, but it only out for a leisurely stroll. The note reads, “I’m called Jenny, not a runaway, just taking a walk. Thanks.”

Local police say they’ve never had an incident with Jenny in all the years that she’s been walking through town by herself.

Here’s a video of Jenny. See this independent lady in action.

What a beautiful story!