Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, has been known to pull comedic segments from Twitter by choosing a hashtag and asking for responses. In the past, he’s featured #IfIHadTheThrone, #DontJudgeMe, and #DadJokes.

Recently he brought back a popular favorite: #WeddingFails. With the wedding season underway, why not? Weddings can be romantic and sweet. But behind the scenes, there can be dysfunctional families, wedding envy, and the inevitable wedding folly.

With an open bar and rowdy guests, something hilariously funny is bound to happen.

Here are some of the best responses!

10. OUCH!


9. Must have been a popular dress at “Grandmas R Us”

8. The groom gets wobbly feet


7. The Sleeping Preacher




5. A best man speech fail

4. The “Unaware” Groom

3. Heads up!

2. Thank goodness for underwear

1. This one “takes the cake”.

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