Are you overly literal? Do your friends and family groan at your jokes and puns?

Well, you have come to the right place. Put your funny bone in because we have a list for you.

Here are 12 jokes and puns that are so wrong, but at the same time, oh so right.

1. The Answer to an Age Old Question.

Do you get it? Naw, neither do I.

2. Helping the Economy Is Always Nice.

She’s got a point. It’s a bad one, but it is a point.

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. “It’s Just Like Real Life…”

I can see everything I already see! Awesome!

4. We are All Leaving the Chat.

Please don’t come back. Nobody will be here.

What position do you think you were conceived in? from technicallythetruth

5. I Lava This One.

Martin Schranz FTW!

Well… yeah from technicallythetruth

6. Wild, But Logically So.

Anarchy in the UK!

7. It Literally Doesn’t.

They right… and they also funny AF!

8. Oh, Wow.

You’ll never be able to unsee that. You’re welcome!

Hits blunt from technicallythetruth

9. I See It.

But why is there just a large spring around this corner? What is it planning?

10. Snort.

Touche shower nozzle… touche!

11. Are You Sure?

It might also contain shells.

12. A Fowl Weather Joke.

I’m honestly not sure which is funnier.

Chickens can’t afford umbrellas ??‍♀️ from technicallythetruth

So, by now, you are either A) laughing hysterically, or 2) rage sobbing.

But I hope you have come away with at least a joke or two to freshen your repertoire.

Know any you’d like to share with us? Have any funny stories you’d like to impart?

Please, oh please, oh pretty please… drop them in the comments.