It’s not something you see everyday–a beluga whale swimming in the open water wearing a harness.

Experts in Norway could only hazard a guess that the friendly guy was actually a Russian-trained spy, once fitted with a camera (maybe).

This whale has (probably) seen things. Secret things.

The whale apparently abandoned his post and was swimming around Hammerfest, which is on the northwestern coast of the island of Kvaløya, just north of the village of Rypefjord and southwest of the village of Forsøl. Got all that?

Sounds like Game of Thrones territory to me.

Recently, Ina Mansinka and her friends decided to walk around the waterfront of Hammerfest. They wanted to catch a glimpse of the defected whale.

They did get to see the whale. And then something incredible happened.

The friends laid down on the dock to get as close as possible to the beautiful beluga. Mansinka, however, didn’t realize her phone was loose in her jacket, and it fell. As it disappeared into the sea, she thought she had lost it for good.

She was astonished to see the whale dive down into the depths only to resurface with her phone in his mouth.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have video.

Of course, the drowned phone was damaged beyond repair, but Mansinka was still amazed to see this super intelligent animal in action.

Yet, this whale’s friendliness and willingness to help may get him into trouble because human beings are terrible, sometimes.

The Washington Post reported officials in Norway are considering moving the beluga to a sanctuary in Iceland to keep him safe.

Photo Credit: Flickr

There is such a thing as being too nice.