Pixar recently launched a new program called Sparkshorts, which features animated short films from up and coming filmmakers. The first film in the series, a short called ‘Purl,’ is all about how females fit into the male-dominated workplace.

Today, Pixar brings us a real heart-wrencher called ‘Kitbull’ that’s an absolute must-see because it’ll give you all the feels.


Naturally, YouTube commenters are full of all kinds of emotions.

Like this person why just wants their heart back…

Photo Credit: YouTube/Enchilordo

Or this pet owner who totally gets it…

Photo Credit: YouTube/FV0orhees

And this fan who just needed 30 seconds to fall in love…

Photo Credit: YouTube/Pixar Post

This comment embodies us all…

Photo Credit: YouTube/masyn

And finally, can we stop demonizing pit bulls already? Thank you.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Hanimations

Want more? Check out Director Rosana Sullivan and Producer Kathryn Hendrickson talking about ‘Kitbull.’

And then head over to Pixar’s YouTube channel to check out other Sparkshorts.