Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays dog-hating Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp, just adopted one of the canine stars from the remake.

“Sarah don’t like dogs. Yvette does,” Brown told People. “Every day on set, I had to yell at beautiful, innocent puppies, which was horrible for me as a person but I think it was hilarious.”

All the dogs in Disney+’s live-action Lady and the Tramp are rescues from shelters, so Brown was particularly happy she was able to take one home.

[The trainer] didn’t just let people grab a dog.

She watched you the entire run of the show and at the end she goes, ‘I think I have your dog.’

I said ‘Oh! Who is it?’ and she says, ‘Harley is your dog.’

Brown even started an Instagram account for her new pal she named Mister Harley.


“This is one of my first pics with my mommy ever!” She captioned one photo of the two of them together. “She was technically still ‘deciding’ if she wanted to adopt me but that smile says she already knew that my forever home would be with her. I so glad she played #AuntSarah! Otherwise, we never would’ve met! ?❤️”

Mister Harley has over 3,000 followers now.


Another of Mister Harley’s doggy co-stars, Monte who starred as Tramp, was adopted by his Lady and the Tramp trainers.

Looks like one movie that was fun to make. Dogs all around!