Caregivers, does your house sometimes feel like it has more LEGO bricks in it than actual furniture? If so, may we suggest donating some of those excess LEGO bricks to a child in need?

LEGO announced a new program called LEGO Replay. They’ll take your used LEGO bricks and recycle them by sending them to U.S. children’s nonprofits. LEGO provides a free shipping label, and you can have UPS or FedEx to pick up the package — the entire process is completely free. All you need is a cardboard box and a bunch of LEGO bricks.


The company accepts “any and all” kinds of LEGOs, too.

“Duplo, small bricks, big bricks. They don’t need to be full sets. Just place whatever bricks you’d like to donate inside a box,” the website says. You can place all those mis-matching bricks into the same box, and you don’t have to bother cleaning them before you pack them up.

“Give Back Box will sort and clean the bricks to ensure we are only passing on high quality bricks,” the website reads.

Photo Credit: LEGO

The company also explained why they’re starting this pilot program, which is available in the entire U.S.:

“Play has the power to change children’s lives. When children play, they learn how to problem solve, collaborate, and think creatively. The LEGO brick is so unique as it can be rebuilt, replayed with and with LEGO Replay have a new creative life with kids who need it most.”

Visit LEGO Replay for more details!