Yes, the emotional support animal craze has gotten out of control. People are really calling peacocks and kangaroos their “emotional support animals.” With that said, there are some unusual animals that can be surprisingly great at providing emotional support. One is LiLou the therapy pig.

LiLou is a Juliana pig, which is a small breed with cute spots. She works at the San Francisco International Airport as a new member of their “Wag Brigade,” a therapy animal program for stressed or anxious travelers.


At work, LiLou comforts travelers by allowing them to pet her head, take a selfie, or listen to her play a song on her toy keyboard. Honestly, just looking at this happy pig with red nail polish is enough to distract you from your woes.


When she’s not at work, LiLou lives with her human companion Tatyana Danilova. She loves to walk around the neighborhood, snack on veggies, and say hi to new friends. She’s a social butterfly!


All of the other members of the Wag Brigade are dogs, so LiLou definitely stands out… Especially with her red hooves. She’s making history as the world’s first airport therapy pig.


LiLou provides a great excuse to visit San Francisco, if only for a brief layover. Therapy animal programs are still rare at airports, but they are becoming more popular.

Other U.S. airports with therapy animals include San Jose, Dallas Fort Worth, Phoenix, Miami, Denver, San Antonio, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis.

But, none of these airports have a pig! Just remember that the next time you fly!