Sometimes, it’s our siblings (even the younger ones) who really come through in the clutch when we need someone to lean on.

A Twitter user talked about how she locked herself in the bathroom and her 10-year-old brother came to comfort her.

She said in her tweet,

“So I locked myself in the bathroom bawling my eyes out… and next thing I know my 10-year-old brother slides these notes under the door… I don’t deserve him.”

Then a note from her little brother slid under the door. It read:

“Ani it’s ok when she will come she will [realize] that she [made] you sad and she will apologize. Everything is going to be ok.

If you’re going to be sad thinking about it, it’s only going to make you sadder. OK.

Come out so we could do something together and fun and your mood will get better OK.”

When she came out of the bathroom, she realized her little brother had given her a pen, four quarters, a sock, and a note wishing her an early Merry Christmas.

Other folks on Twitter loved the gesture and shared their thoughts about the good deed and shared similar stories.


So. Damn. Wholesome.


Nice reference!

Brotherly love…

Bless his soul!


Cherish that boy!

God bless.

That’s a pretty nice way to end the year, don’t you agree?

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