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AITA for calling my brother & SIL rude guests for removing the decorative pillows my wife put in the guests room?

“My brother & SIL moved in temporarily.

They’re staying in the guests room. So far we’ve been on the same page concerning all things except the decorative pillows. My wife loves adding decorative pillows on beds, and she did the same with the guests bedroom. She did it to make the room look better and also it’s her preference.

She came to me complaining about seeing the decorative pillows in the guests room being put on the floor and not being put on bed during the day. I went to talk with my brother and he explained that SIL was tired of having to move the (7 pillows in total) pillows before using tthe bed.

I explained how my wife finds this disrespectful but He thought it was no big deal and that my wife was being a little too obsessed especially since SIL is pregnant and can’t put the pillows back every time. We had a fight and I ended up calling him & SIL “rude guests” because of it. He & SIL got offended and there was tension in the house over it.

My wife isn’t speaking to them, and they aren’t speaking to me. AITA?”

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