Parenting can be frustrating in the best of times. But when both parents are working long hours, stressed out and just trying to keep it together, stuff can really hit the fan. Case in point: One Redditor became frustrated when his wife handed him their son while he was doing a video presentation.

Now he wants to know if he’s the asshole for getting pissed off at his wife.

Before you make your judgment, you’ll want to read the full saga below:

AITA for getting pissed at my wife for handing me our son in the middle of an important presentation

My wife currently is not working and our son is 2 months old. I still have work, and I’m working from home currently.

Today at 12 I had to give a presentation about how our team is handling the crisis, and then give a proposal about a new product design. This was given to my boss, and the VP of engineering. It’s probably the most important meeting I’ve had in months, which isn’t really saying that much since most of them are useless but this one was actually important.

I told my wife beforehand about it, and reminded her this morning. Then half way through she comes in with my son crying, hands him to me, and just leaves. She not only left the room, but she left the house and didn’t take her phone. She didn’t come home for 4 hours.

This threw the whole pace of the meeting off, I had to put him in his crib, and then had to keep an eye on him. Additionally it stressed me out in the middle of an already stressful meeting, to my less than understanding boss.

Suffice to say I was pretty f****** pissed off. When she got back I yelled at her that she can’t just disappear for 4 hours without her phone, and that she interrupted something I told her not to beforehand.

She then said she “needed a break”, and I told her if she needed a break she could watch tv and zone out like a normal f****** human being instead of f****** off to god knows where leaving me stuck between a new born and a judgmental boss.

She got pissed off and said that I should be more understanding and that she’s doing more work than me. That also pissed me off, because she absolutely isn’t doing more work then me, she doesn’t even have a fucking job. She said she was going to stay at her moms, again leaving me alone with my son during work tomorrow.

Yikes. Well, there’s a lot to unpack here and Reddit got to work.

People were incredibly concerned for the wife’s mental health and well-being:

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One commenter pointed out that the guy’s boss is an asshole for not being more understanding of the situation:

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Redditors also pointed out that the division of labor probably isn’t as simple as the guy makes it out to be:

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Others said she did the exact right thing to keep the baby safe:

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And one commenter said it bluntly — the original poster needs to stop wasting time on the internet and go check on his wife:

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This was a difficult story to read, on so many levels. But the overwhelming consensus was that the guy isn’t an asshole, per se, but he is also missing huge, giant, waving red flags that suggest his wife is suffering from postpartum depression and seriously needs help.

Let’s hope he actually took those messages to heart.

What do you think? Is he the asshole, is his wife behaving unreasonably or does the truth fall somewhere in the middle?

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