Take that, Mom and Dad!

I guess we all have a breaking point when it comes to what we’re willing to put up with, and a young man took to the “Am I The A**hole?” page on Reddit to ask if he acted like a jerk when he moved out of his parents’ house.

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AITA for moving back out after my parents demanded I follow their rules?

“I (22 male) just finished college and went back to my hometown while I figure out what I want to do next. I was planning to share an apartment with my old friends, but my parents wanted me to move in to help them out.

Covid has hid them hard and are struggling to pay their bills, so they wanted me to move in and pay rent. I said ok because I wanted to help them out. It all went well until 3 days after I moved in. My mother came in around 9 PM, saying ‘I had enough screen time and need to go to bed’.

I thought this was ridiculous, because I’m an adult paying rent, they have no right to demand this. She said ‘your living under my roof, I make the rules’. I went along with it for the night, and the next morning I went and took my laptop back from their room. She proceeded to ground me, for ‘disobeying her authority’.

I had enough of this, called the people I was going to room with and asked if they still had a spot. They said yes, so I packed up and moved in with them. Now my family is hounding me for ‘not supporting my family’.”

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This reader said that the guy’s mother is acting totally ridiculously.

He’s 22-years-old!

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Another reader said that the man’s mom sounds pushy and abusive.

I think so, too…

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This Reddit user doesn’t think the mother is abusive but definitely thinks she doesn’t have any respect for her son as an adult.

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And this Reddit user gave them the Deranged Parents of the Week award!

Hey, nice work!

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