Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

And I guess, on the flip side, NO money, no problems.

It seems like inheritances tend to bring out some bad blood between family members and that’s definitely the case in this story that a man shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole?” page.

Read on to see what took place.

AITA for not wanting to give my cut of my dad’s inheritance?

“We have a complicated history. My dad wasn’t a bad guy but wasn’t necessarily a “good” guy either. He stepped out on his wife and hooked up with my mom once (she didn’t have a clue he was married). Then I (27m) was born but he had no idea.

Think I was maybe 6 or 7 when she was able to track him down? So the cheating came out they almost divorced but stayed together and my dad wanted to be part of my life. He’d come around all the time, take me out help my mom with money.

For a few years my dad tried to include me on stuff he’d do with my half siblings but they didn’t like me so they bullied me a lot. I met his wife a few times and she was just nasty and mean. So after that he stopped trying and went back to us doing our separate thing.

But when I was 14, he started pulling back with contact. Think because it was still causing problems in the marriage. Then he just stopped coming around by the time I was 15. We talked sometimes over the years. They got a divorce in the end but he still never reached out even when I’d try.

He died recently and left me a letter apologizing for how he was and he was too ashamed to try working things out after being out of touch so long. It also said he knows money can’t make up for him not being there but wants me to have it. I was speechless.

He left a small portion for my half sibs but in his will most of his money is to go to me. They’re really not happy about it because they say he barely left them with anything and they’re owed that money for all the trouble this caused in their lives.

But this money I mean it could really help with so much. Like actually finishing my degree, put a down payment on a decent house and put the rest in a retirement fund or something.

My half siblings and even their mom are coming down hard and won’t stop with the messages because I’m not willing to split what’s owed to them since they were his kids too. Don’t even wanna repeat what they say cause it makes me feel like s**t.

I know they’re still mad about the cheating and breaking up the family, this probably feel like another slap in the face to them. It’s hard because like I wanna use this money for my life but I get that coming into their life as the affair child basically made it fall apart so I can see why to them it feels like I owe them after everything.


And here’s how folks reacted to the story on Reddit.

This person said that the man’s half-siblings have a right to be mad…but it’s not the man’s fault that his dad did what he did.

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Another reader also blamed the dad in this story for trying to force the half-siblings to have a relationship throughout the years.

The whole thing just sounds awkward to me…

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This Reddit user said the dad purposely had all this stuff happen AFTER he passed away so he wouldn’t have to deal with any of the consequences.


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This person said that the man’s dad threw him into a bad situation and maybe his step-family aren’t the cream of the crop, either.

At the end of the day, this situation is not his fault.

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Finally, this person said that the man who wrote the post was born into a bad situation. Plain and simple.

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