Oooooh, we’re all in for a big treat right now!

I think it’s safe to say that The Office is one of the most popular American TV shows of all time and as the years pass by, the fan base for the show gets even bigger.

Well, we’d like to introduce you to a special someone who is carrying the torch for the show that has been off the air for more than seven years now (that’s kind of hard to believe).

Meet Dunder Kitten, described as the “Actual cat version of The Office’s Michael Scott.”

The human behind this Instagram account must be a die-hard fan of the show because they are pulling out all the stops to make sure that Dunder Kitten is dedicating his life to worshipping at the altar of Michael Scott and all things related to the beloved show.

Enjoy these pics from Dunder Kitten!

1. The World’s Best Boss.

In kitten form.


2. Anyone want a sandwich?

I got your favorite kind!


3. Meet “Date Mike”.

You should be talking to ladies in no time.


4. Time for a business lesson.

Let’s all listen to the master.


5. There he is!

The inspiration for all of it!


6. Is that Pam?

I think it’s Pam!


7. Prison Mike in the house!

Y’all are about to get a serious life lesson.


8. Where it all goes down.

In the big man’s office.


9. Words of wisdom.

From Michael Scott…and Wayne Gretzky.


10. They’re both very emotional.

Here come the waterworks.


11. One final look. 

You’re doing a great job, Dunder Kitten!


Isn’t this cat just the greatest!

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