Pit bulls may still have a lingering reputation as rough, tough, and sometimes dangerous dogs but most people who have spent time around the breed know that they are extremely loving animals.

And a pit bull named Bamse proves that fact beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Bamse lives in the home of an artist named Dani Karlsson who fosters animals. Bamse seemed a little bit unsure at first around a puppy that Karlsson was fostering that had five paws, but his gentle nature eventually came out and now Bamse acts as a guardian to all the foster animals.

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Bamse had previously been only a backyard dog and wasn’t used to being around other animals but Karlsson said that Bamse was “completely smitten” with the puppy within a day.

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Here’s another adorable video of Bamse playing with some itty-bitty foster animals.

You can tell that the big guy is a natural.

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