Protests are a good way to address grievances and start a dialog, right? Well, one Instagram account that dogs should also exercise their right to free speech.

Dog With Sign is giving this puppy a platform to protest against annoyances dogs face on a regular basis. Here are some of the best ones!

10. What Do Humans Know?!

It makes sense to have dogs judge other dogs!


9. Bilingual Dogs Rule!

As you can see here!


8. Some Trust Issues Are Warranted

Especially when it comes to postal service workers!


7. Rage Against Times Square

Dog years are shorter, after all!


6. Dogs Love Toilets For a Reason

And now we know why!


5. Tugs Are Superior to Wars

The pup has spoken.


4. Get Ready for Doggie Strikes!

Especially during the rain.


3. Dogs Want Their Full-Sized Treat!

An understandable complaint.


2. Anti-Curbing Puppy!

A brave stance on behalf of dogs everywhere!


1. The Final Blow

No one likes being used as a pick-up line.


The protest signs are meant to poke fun at what dogs experience every day. But even so, they bring us joy and a good laugh.

Which sign did you like best? Feel free to comment below with your opinion! We love to see those!