So, I’m a dude. And I have oft wondered what it would be like to be, say, not a dude. A woman, perchance.

My musings on this topic have ranged from how it might feel physically, to how much I would like it, to what my external treatment would change to, etc.

But this is the internet and there’s not a lot of space for nuance here, so let’s get to the weirdness.

If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?
byu/sudharshann inAskReddit

Here’s what some of my fellow men said they’d do given 24 hours as a woman. I’m sure they’re not gonna embarrass me at all. Let’s find out.

1. Off to a great start.

Play with my woman boobs for a day instead of my man boobs like normal.

– d*ck-nipples

2. Yeah, that’s the technical term.

I believe the appropriate response is: be a hoe.

But with my luck I’d be on my period.

– Sh*ttinwithmykitten

3. What the f*ck.

I’d probably end up in the hospital for sticking so much stuff up my vagina

– beerknowswhen

4. Ok, this is…cute?

Find out what the girls really do at sleep overs, it’s a mystery that has to be revealed

– Anon_nomy

5. A valid social experiment.

Male at the moment, so would become female.

Aside from all of the obvious sex things, I’d love to walk into a computer or gaming store, with the knowledge I have, and see if/how differently I’d be treated.

– Ratfor

6. And we’re back to weird Freaky Friday sequels.

Go on tinder and swipe right on lesbians, hopefully can have lesbian sex before my day up.

Would be awkward if my day was up mid sex

– oknh

7. Guys.

Poop so I could see if it’s true that women don’t poop

– watches_yousleep

8. Aw, this is actually kinda sweet!


If my wife and I switched roles, I would just have sex with her so she understands my adoration for it with her.

– mountiemotorsports

9. Again, a valuable lesson I’m sure.

Assuming I’m a good looking lady go to a bar and see what it’s like to get a ton of unwanted attention.

– PoliticalNerd87

10. …Reddit, everyone.

I know many people will say this, but have sex with my best friend, but in this case not cuz he is a virgin, since he is not, but cuz even though he had sex, he never felt truly loved, his longest relationship lasted about 2 months. Since I support him and care for him, I would let him silly f*ck me, just saying.

Also, none of this is gay.

– CoffeeK_

11. Science, of course.

Get naked and touch every part of my body. For research purposes.

Cos when I revert I want to have a whole lot more intimate knowledge of female sexual responses.

– Duck_Kak

12. Ya’ll are really scared of this, huh?

Being the lucky piece of sh*t I am, I’d probably get a period

– EnderCorePL

13. I just…

I’d post my t*ts on reddit for karma.

My current tits don’t get much traction here.

– [User Deleted]


Play with the new plumping, then go f*ck a soccer (football) team.

– Chrome_Armadillo

15. You’ve…you’ve already thought about this a lot.

am I hot/attractive? I’d drive to walmart, get a high quality camera and some bananas. then make some “asmr” videos. like 50 of them. 20 with my clothes on and 30 topless. and then maybe 10 more full frontal nude. just recording and storing the footage all day. if i can do more, i’ll do more. in different rooms so it looks like different days.

Then when I’m back to being a guy, I’d slowly release the videos on youtube and start a patreon and onlyfans. and then upload the nude ones to those sites. and i’d do this over the span of a few years, uploading each video once every month, sometimes twice a month. some months being skipped.

Then when I’m down to my last video, I tell people that I’m moving and need some funds to move to another state to get a ton of money from my simp army. Then when I get as much money as possible, I upload a video of my male self saying that she’s taking a break for mental health reasons and that she’ll be back. but she never comes back. and then I’d leave the donation stuff open for those who want to keep simping for no more content.

– MyStationIsAbandoned

Well. That was…enlightening. I’m gonna go see what women had to say about becoming men. I’m sure it’s…better?

What would you do if you swapped sexes for a day?

Tell us in the comments.