I am in no way, shape, or form trying to say that men have it nearly as tough as women do in the world, but I think we can agree that guys have shit to deal with as well.

And one of the things that drives men crazy are the stereotypes and myths about males in general that they think are totally false.

Let’s see what the men of AskReddit had to say.

1. Raising my kids.

“I hate when I hear from someone when I have my kids and my wife is working that I’m “babysitting”.

It drives me insane. I don’t babysit. I’m raising my kids, I’m not a volunteer or a hired hand. Ugh.”

2. Not a plot.

“That we only tell women our feelings to coerce them into bed. Like, “Wow, how new and amazing this relationship is. I’m so glad I found you”

That is uncomfortable vulnerability, not some sort of plot.”

3. Man up.

“This whole “be a man” schtick that leads guys to internalize their problems and marinate in their own issues and neglect their mental health drives me nuts.

It took me a long time to find female friends just so id feel comfortable talking about my depression and get advice on how to get the help I need. If i did not, I would without a doubt be dead right now.

I stamp this thinking out wherever I can find it. It was almost the death of me.”

4. At least two things at once.

“‘Men can’t multitask’

Every time I hear that I have to stop what I am doing so I can get angry.”

5. Spoon me!

“That men have to be brave and strong all the time. I love being the little spoon in bed with my SO. Nothing makes me feel safer and calmer than having her wrap her arms around me and cuddle in.”

6. More to life than that.

“Men think about sex every X amount of seconds”

I’m a grown man with a life, i have more to think about than just sex.”

7. That’s kinda weird.

“Me having big feet only means that I wear big shoes. And seriously, what makes girls think they can just come up to you and ask about it?”

8. Men can be abused.

“That men can’t be abused by woman.

Or that men can get assaulted/harassed by other men. I’ve had some very pushy gay men approach me, one going as far as trying to touch my ass and dick inside my underwear after I said like 3 times that I’m straight and not interested.

Luckily the women I was out with immediately chastised that guy. But tbh guys laugh at me when I tell that story and talk about how badly they would’ve beaten him up, women who I’ve told always reacted shocked and emphatic.”

9. They’re not clueless.

“It’s getting better now, but back in the day basically every guy on TV was a sports-obsessed, car/motorcycle loving, beer swilling moron who couldn’t function without his wife to look after him and the kids.

My wife went away last week for work and I’ll have you know that only half my kids got eaten by wolves.”

10. It’s our day.

“That we’re all not interested in or incapable of being involved in the planning of our weddings.

I cannot tell you how many comments like “Remember, it’s her day, not yours!” I received during the 2-year lead-up to our wedding. I’m not going to lie to you and say I’d been looking forward to getting married since I was 12 or something but I took an active interest together with my wife in the planning of our wedding. “It’s not my day, it’s hers?”

Fuck that. It was our day. We planned it together. Her vision definitely brought it all together and she did a fucking astounding job, but she didn’t just make decisions on her own, we talked together about and worked together on every single thing involved in the event; and we were both ecstatic with how it turned out. It turned out beautifully. I try not to toot my own horn very often but I never thought the best party I’d ever go to would end up being my own!”

11. Total BS.

“That men who worksat daycare are phedophiles. Every year there are people who complain I work there.

Jesus, what a load of BS. As if guys can’t be nurturers who like children or even just work there because they need the job.”

12. Can’t we be friends?

“Just because I have a dick and you have a vagina doesnt mean I’m trying to get in your pants. I want friends just like anyone else. But when I try to talk to people like my guy friends they assume I’m trying to date them. No.

I just like asking my friends how they were because I hate people who only talk to you when they want something. So I talk to everyone as a show of you are my friend, not the services you offer.”

13. Everywhere, there’s signs.

“That we miss signs that women give them because they are stupid. We see them, but we don’t want to be creepy/jump to conclusions.”

14. Nothing wrong with that.

“I really hate how fruity drinks are associated with women, like damn can I just enjoy my strawberry daiquiri.

I always order fruity frozen drinks and my wife always orders beers. Half the time, the waiter gives me the beer instead. Nobody scoffs when a dude’s got a kick-ass Slurpee but as soon as you add some rum it’s a girls drink? Fuck off.”

15. Everyone has fear.

“That we are not afraid of walking alone through a dark car park at night.

After a great deal of asking every one from police, to self defense instructors, to a green beret and a bunch of combat vets, to the most cracked out gun nuts.

Not met a single person who had no fear.”

And there you have it!

Okay, guys, we want to hear from more of you.

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