There are a few things in life that both parents AND toddlers adore. One of them is Target.

Adults love Target because it’s full of suspiciously affordable yet cute home goods, clothes, crafts, and basically everything you can imagine. It’s hard to walk out of Target without a cart full of random stuff you didn’t intend to buy.

Kids love Target because, well, it’s a store. There’s a kids’ section, yes, but really the whole store is a wonderland to toddlers.

That’s why one brilliant mom decided to make her kid her very own miniature Target, right at home. She also built a Starbucks, since many Target stores contain a Starbucks inside.

Renèe Leann shared the photos of her Target and Starbucks playroom on Facebook, explaining that it was a late Christmas gift for her daughter Ariah.

“We created Target using the Melissa and Doug shopping center and Starbucks using Ariah’s cube storage unit in her playroom,” Renèe explained.

It includes a custom name tag for Ariah, a check-out counter, a clearance rack, and more.

It helps that Renèe’s sister is a graphic designer, so she helped create the logos, price tags and sale signs.

The Starbucks stand received the same amazing level of attention to detail.

” I’m happy with how it turned out and even happier that Ariah loves it (even though I’m probably more excited about it than her),” Renèe laughed.

Totally understandable — we would be excited to have our very own in-home Target, too.

What do you think about this? A fun project for parents or maybe just a BIT too focused on commercialism?

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